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Download Microsoft Office Software in Affordable Subscription, come in a wide range of Wanjemat, but the Office and Home versions are specially prepared for personal use. These applications include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive and Skype. It's a very good software and you always need them.

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How To Download the Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is a product created by Microsoft designed to carry a number of applications that are used in everyday use. This set of applications include Excel, PowerPoint, Word among others. It is essentially required to have a Windows OS device to utilize MS Office. Herein are steps on how to get MS Office into your device, and an elaborated list of what MS Office contains, as well as its many uses in everyday life. It is also good to point out that the MS Office download is free.

What does the Microsoft Office download contain?

Aforementioned are some of the applications you will get with the MS Office download. Well, for some users, getting the suit will be for only a single purpose. Is it not therefore good to know what the what the MS Office download contains not to use the suit for a single purpose? Make use of the many other apps on the MS Office download, and here is a brief list of the apps contained and what they are all about.


This is a database system for those seeking to create an electronic system of filling their data


This is the Microsoft Edge browser search engine.


This is are spreadsheets for easy tabulating and recording of data. Featured in Excel is also a macro programming tool.


This is a cloud-based tool that integrates and helps employees automate their work. It has got a number of applications that make the workflow easy and automated.


Mostly used by many Win users, is a cloud-based storage system. One can save any type of data on the cloud storage and it will even offer a storage space of over 1TB. Also, the storage space depends on the amount you wish to get to store your data.


Much like MS Word, is the MS OneNote. The disparity in the two applications is quite minimal only that OneNote is an application for immense information gathering and multi-user collaboration, whereby, data, categorized as notes, from audio commentaries, drawings, and even screen clippings can be gathered.


This is the MS Office email messaging service.


If you are wishing to make a presentation, then PowerPoint is the application to use. It comes with the ability to organize images and videos to create a presentation. Simply put, this application will enhance as well as gather together with other utility applications use, such as Excel and Word.


Similar to PowerPoint, Sway is a tool used to create presentations, only that this tool is used to create the presentation for digital audiences not live audiences as is with PowerPoint.


MS Word is the application used for writing and creating documents. It supports a number of formats and images can be included too.

There are many more apps that come with MS Office free download these are just among the apps commonly and frequently used. Other important tools will include Calendar, Publisher, Skype and Office Lens. These apps can also be used on the mobile devices too, whether an Android or iOS device, the suit can be installed and used on these devices. To get the MS Office free download, proceed as below.

How to download Microsoft Office for free

Step 1

To download MS Office for free you have to be using a Windows OS. You may have the office suite on the PC, only that the applications are not installed. You can, therefore, proceed to click on the icon, either visible by clicking the Windows button to display the apps installed or search for the MS Office suite on the PC before you proceed to download MS Office for free.

Step 2

You will be re-directed to the MS Office free download for PC page.

Step 3

Sign in to your account using the Microsoft account login details to proceed with the MS Office free download for PC.

Step 4

At this point, it is you will now need to get and install the MS Office suite.

Note, that first time user of the suit will have a fully detailed MS Office download step by step guide. For the regular users, or those having used the suite installed and used the suit before the MS Office download step by step guide is still the same, the only difference is that you will need to get a subscription package.

Step 5

From the MS Office site opened via the Microsoft account, you may proceed with the MS Office free download by clicking on the Install Office option.

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