Explain Product Key for Microsoft Office

A product key is simply an exceptional, alphanumeric code of a particular length needed by a lot of software programs during installation. They assist software developers to ascertain that every software copy has been purchased legally. Many software including several programs and operating systems from well-known software makers need product keys. This is evident when paying for a program, you will need a product key in order to install it. Besides, when installing or activating your Microsoft office you will need a product key. You can learn this from office.com/setup. The essence of Microsoft office activation is to ensure you obtain it legally. However, there are some programs that do not require a product key. The product keys can only be used in case the manufacturer decides to implement them for statistical reasons. Such programs include free software and open source programs.

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How are product keys used?

Product keys are like passwords for various programs. They are normally given after purchasing various types of software. Usually, a product used is used for a particular application it was meant for. Deprived of this product key, the application will not run but just as a trial version. This shows the importance of a product key. It is vital in initiating the running of a software application.

Once you install Microsoft Office, a product key comes in handy. This is to ensure ease in activating and running this application efficiently. The product key used for this application will only serve it alone. This is important in revealing the Genuity of the Microsoft office. Also, it confirms that you have legally obtained and installed your Microsoft office.

The Microsoft office application comes with a lot of services. These services are vital in ensuring you execute and accomplish various tasks without any problem. Some of the Microsoft office services include Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live and Outlook.com.Simply get a Microsoft account and you will be able to enjoy such excellent services.

What does the Microsoft office 2016

There are various legit sites to download MS office 2016 from. But, you also have to be wary of corrupt sites that might induce viruses into your computer. Usually, MS Office 2016 is a complete official setup file for Microsoft Office Professional 2016. It comes in 32/64 bit. Furthermore, MS Office 2016 comes with Excel, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.


MS Excel 2016-Used in creating of forecast charts relying on future trends and historical data. You can also format your work using Sparklines, conditional formatting and pivot tables.

MS Outlook 2016-Allows you to attach documents from your current items. Then you can share these documents with email recipients right from SharePoint and OneDrive.

MS Word 2016-Will make it easier for you to open PDF documents. Also, you can easily create impressive word documents.

MS Publisher-Allows you to use images and photos in creating amazing backgrounds that suit publication pages.

MS PowerPoint 2016-You can create customized graphics and shapes using tools to fragment, subtract, intersect and combine shapes.

Once you download MS office 2016, the next step is installation. This is a process that ought to be undertaken with a lot of discretion. If you are not well versed with the whole installation process, you can seek assistance from a professional. During the installation of Microsoft Office 2016, you will need a product key.

The product key is usually situated on product key stickers. A product key contains 25 characters which are a combination of numbers and letters.

How to locate a product key

As you know, a product key plays a vital role during installation. So, losing a product key is a big deal especially when reinstalling a program. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. You just have to find the product key used during the installation. No need to purchase again the software.

A product key is stored in an encrypted form in the Windows Registry. This makes it even harder to locate it. Fortunately, by the use of special programs known as product key finders, you will locate the product keys provided the operating system or program has not been erased. That should save you from the cost of repurchasing a new product key.


As a windows user, a product key is a great necessity. It comes in handy during the installation of windows application. When lost, you can always retrieve them hence saving you the cost of repurchasing.

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